It may be better to use the same timezone which a majority of your users are located in, or that you live in to make log file timestamps more sensible.

Debian / Ubuntu

[bash]dpkg-reconfigure tzdata[/bash]

Arch Linux and CentOS 7

View the list of available time zones.

[bash]timedatectl list-timezones[/bash]

Use the Up, Down, Page Up and Page Down keys to navigate. Find the time zone which you want. Remember it, write it down or copy it as a mouse selection. Then press q to exit the list.

To set the time zone:

[bash]timedatectl set-timezone ‘America/New_York'[/bash]


View the list of available time zones.

[bash]ls /usr/share/zoneinfo[/bash]

Write the selected time zone to the /etc/timezone file.

Example (for Eastern Standard Time):

[bash]echo "EST" > /etc/timezone[/bash]

Configure the sys-libs/timezone-data package, which will set /etc/localtimeappropriately.

[bash]emerge –config sys-libs/timezone-data[/bash]

Check the Time

View the current date and time according to your server.


The output should look similar to: Thu Feb 16 12:17:52 EST 2012.



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